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Our Electronic Design Services

Leadership is not just about the products you make, but the service you deliver. A significant proportion of Galtotronic™'s business is in the provision of on-going automation engineering services to existing companies, whether establishes in Australia or at overseas. Such services include Project Management, Embedded Systems, Mechatronics and Virtual Instrumentation.

Galtotronic service provide many benefits to our clients, including ready access to a large and diverse engineering skills base, Project Management cycle from requirements gathering to after installation support and long-term relationships.

Embedded Development Galtotronic specialises in turn-key electronic design. We offer high quality Embedded Systems development and Electronic Design.

Our services includes Electronic Design, Hardware and Software Development, Model Based Design, Rapid Prototyping, Prototyping, Rework, Simulation, Software in Loop Simulation, Hardware in Loop Simulation, Project Management, Manufacturing, Testing, After market repairing and Support.

We can take your product idea from concept to the market through our development process. We can guide you making your dream idea come through the best product current technology can design, manufacture and market.
"Making your dreams come true"  

PCB assembly Galtotronic can supply small quantities of boards both for normal manufacturing as well as quick-turn prototyping and big production quantity offering assembly and rework services.
Galtotronic can provide customers with printed circuit boards for all type of industries and artwork design if required.
Also, Galtotronic™ can provide nameplates, Engraving builder Plates, Screenprints and Membranes.
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"Making your dreams come true"  
Mechatronics development Mechatronics (or Mechanical and Electronics Engineering) is the combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering and serves the purposes of controlling advanced hybrid systems. The word itself is a blend of 'Mechanics' and 'Electronics'.

Our Mechatronics service may design, develop, maintain and manage high-technology engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks, apply Mechatronics or automated solutions to the transfer of material, components or finished goods, apply advanced electronic control systems, which are usually computer-driven and apply electronic and mechanical processes and computers to tasks where the use of human labour may be dangerous (e.g. underwater exploration, mining or forestry)
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Virtual Instrumentation Virtual Instrumentation is the use of customizable software and modular measurement hardware to create user-defined measurement systems, called virtual instruments.
Leveraging PCs and commercial technologies, virtual instrumentation increases productivity and lowers costs for test, control, and design applications through easy-to-integrate software, and modular measurement and control hardware.
In test, measurement, and control, Galtotronicengineers have used virtual instrumentation to downsize automated test equipment (ATE) while experiencing up to a 10 times increase in productivity gains at a fraction of the cost of traditional instrument solutions. Our industrial experience allows to develop turn-key test rigs and test equipment to test and validate the Embedded Systems we develop before production and market deployment.
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Project Management Triangle Project Management is our business process of creating a unique product, service or result from your concept.

The primary challenge of Galtotronic™'s Project Management is to achieve all of the goals of the project charter while adhering to three out of the four classic project constraints sometimes referred to as the "triple constraints." The four constraints are defined as scope, time, cost and quality.

Our more ambitious goal of Project Management is to carry the project through the entire Project Management life cycle. The Project Management lifecycle consists of five phases called Project Management Process Groups: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Monitoring and Control and Project Closeout.
"Making your dreams come true"