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Test Rigs and Virtual Instrumentation

Galtotronicleverages the use of Virtual Instrumentation,  Customizable Software and Modular Measurement Hardware to create user measurement systems and test rigs for the embedded systems and mechatronics control system we develop and design before production and market deployment.

  Test Rig One   ElectroMechanical Brake   Test Rig Two  

Leveraging PCs and commercial technologies supplied by National Instruments, Galtotronic increases productivity and lowers costs for systems and components test, control systems, and design applications through easy-to-integrate software, and modular measurement and control hardware.

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In test, measurement, and control, Galtotronicengineers have used virtual instrumentation to downsize automated test equipment (ATE) while experiencing up to a 10 times increase in productivity gains at a fraction of the cost of traditional instrument solutions.

Our industrial experience in automation engineering and control systems allows us to develop turn-key test rigs and test equipment to test and validate the Embedded Systems we develop or already developed by our customers.

Please contact us today to discuss further your test rig and virtual instrumentation application. We would like to hear from you.