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Mechatronics engineering is one of the youngest engineering disciplines. It brings together mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer engineering, but is a distinct discipline in its own right. The essential part of Mechatronics is the integration of machines and systems involving these elements.


GaltotronicMechatronics devices have many advantages over their older counterparts. They can be given improved functionality (compare antiskid braking systems and conventional car brakes). They can be self-adjusting so that, although manufactured to wider tolerances (and hence cheaper to make), they function better than the non-mechatronics equivalent. The intelligent use of sensing allows mechatronics white goods such as clothes dryers to adjust their operation based on the dampness of the clothes. Washing machines can sense the amount of dirt in the washing load and vary their use of water and electricity to suit, and chemical sensors in microwave ovens can monitor the smell of food to ensure that it is cooked perfectly.

GaltotronicMechatronics also allow customers to create completely new products- such as robotic lawn mowers and robot floor cleaners- not just improve existing designs.

Galtotronic Mechatronics Engineering is the service concerned with the research, design, implementation and maintenance of intelligent engineered products and processes enabled by the integration of mechanical, electronic, computer, and software engineering technologies. Our specific expertise areas can include:

- Computer Hardware and Systems
- Control Systems Data Communications
- Networks Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms
- Electronics Embedded and Real-time
- Systems Fluid Power and other Actuation Devices
- Human-Machine Interface Engineering and Ergonomics
- Industrial Automation
- Measurement
- Instrumentation and Sensors Mechanical Design
- Mechatronics Design and System Integration Modelling and Simulation
- Motion Control
- Robotics
- Signal Processing
- Software Engineering
- Systems Engineering

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