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"Making your Dreams
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Our Mission

GALTOTRONIC is an Australian company which mission is to establish a successful position at the very top of the Global Economy on a permanent basis to produce automation products for the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic environment for the benefit of our customers.

Our mission is to help our customers make their own environment safer, comfortable and enjoyable. We believe that mankind should be the master of his own technology to create a better life for his community.

Our mission becomes the platform on which we base our actions in the interests of our customers, our workforce, the society and also the environment. Our mission is driven by the following principles:

  • Recognize and address the individual needs of our customers
  • Assurance of quality
  • Reasonable pricing policy and reliability
  • Our customers are the reasons for our existence
  • Spirit of fairness in dealing with our employee, customers, competitors and suppliers
  • Cultivating long-term business relationships.