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For over 15 years, Galtotronic's managing director has worked with industry leaders to design and develop innovative automation applications. We have successfully developed and deployed automation and control systems for customers in numerous industries, including Factory Automation & Robotics, CNC Machinery and Automotive Electromechanical Braking system (Brake by Wire). Our past experience in Automation has enabled successful integration of different technologies.

Galtotronicdevelops Automation Controllers Hardware from Embedded systems perspective.

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Galtotronic specialises in turn-key electronic design. We offer high quality Embedded Systems development.

Our services includes Electronic Design, Hardware and Software Development, Model Based Design, Rapid Prototyping, Prototyping, Rework, Simulation, Software in Loop Simulation, Hardware in Loop Simulation, Project Management, Manufacturing, Testing, After market repairing and Support.

We can take your product idea from concept to the market through our development process. We can guide you making your dream idea come through the best product current technology can design, manufacture and market.

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We have experience in a large range of designs including:

- Microprocessor based controllers (Microchip)
- Communications (RS232, CAN, FlexRay, TTP)
- Programming (C/C++, Matlab, LabVIEW)
- Automation
- Sensors
- Vending

System Design
We develop and design the embedded system following your requirements. We provide feedback on your requirements and drive the design process to success. Also, part of our development process is to plan and obtain the required standards approval.

PCB Layout and Production
We design the PCB to relevant standards(EMC, ESD and other standards which my apply) and we can arrange production for you. You product will be ready for marketing.

Prototyping and Simulation
We can offer prototyping and simulation services at each level: Full Simulation, Software in Loop Simulation (SIL), Hardware in Loop simulation (HIL), Rapid Prototyping and actual design prototype.
We can use our skills in Test Rigs and Virtual Instrumentation to test and validate your product at any stage of its life cycle.

Technical Support
We offer Technical Support and Service after market.

We can work together to improve and enhance an existing products. Also, we can integrate new PCB and functions into an established system.

Please contact us today to discuss further your embedded system application. We would like to hear from you.