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GSM Controllers Programming

Would you like to be immediately informed when your burglar alarm is activated, as well as which sectors were tripped? What about if you could reset the alarm or even isolate one or more sectors?

Well, this is just one of a huge number applications of our GSM controller. Other applications include controlling pumps on a farm, switching home appliances, rebooting a server or locating your car in a car park, and many more ...

Our embedded wireless controllers are designed to control and monitor electronic devices all over the GSM & GPRS networks, Internet or via SMS messages.

Our GSM Controllers are designed for embedding in all types of industrial control applications like Automation Control, Industrial Control, Remote monitoring, Security Alarms, and more.

Let us Speed your Time to Market with our controller programming service.

has developed the Remote Control and Supervision Application for the GSM controller. No further programming is required. Your GSM controller will be ready for action.
Designs the applications with an integrated compiler and debugger using the C language.

Our experience in Embedded Systems development and programming will deliver to you a powerful controller which will make your dreams come through.

Please refer to our software user manual for more information on the GSM controller application functionalities.

If our standard GSM controller software is not suitable for your application, we can develop a special purpose application to your requirements. Our controllers are suitable for wide range of industrial and home applications, the list below illustrates how easy is to implement our controllers to different types of applications:

  1. Measurements and Control

  2. Data Communication

  3. Home Automation

  4. Point of Sale

  5. Irrigation

  6. Security and Monitoring

  7. Tank Monitoring

  8. Vending Massage Chairs

  9. Vending Machines

  10. Remote Monitoring

  11. Agricultural

  12. Smart Houses & Asset Management

  13. Medical

  14. Automotive


Please do not hesitate to contact us about your custom application requirements. Ask as for a free obligation quote.