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Our GSM/GPRS/SMS Controllers and Automation

Would you like to be immediately informed when your burglar alarm is activated, as well as which sector were tripped? What about if you could reset the alarm or even isolate one or more sectors? Well, This is just one of a huge number of possible applications of Galtotronic GSM Controller and Automation. Other applications include controlling pumps on a farm, switching home appliances, rebooting a server or locating your car in a car park, and many more ...

Using the convenience of SMS,
Galtotronic GSM Controller and Automation lets you remotely control equipment by sending plain text messages, such as "pump on", "aircon off", "reset" or "blast horn"; all of which can be pre-programmed into the controller and easily remembered later.

Galtotronic ensures that each of our GSM/GPRS/SMS Controller and Automation comply to a stringent criteria of design, quality, durability and most importantly state of the art technology.



CellamaticPLUS™ Controller

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FREE One hour Technical Support and System Integration Included (Conditions apply ...).

FREE Antenna supplied with each GSM Controller.


Please contact us if you need to order a large quantity or you need to develop a solution to your requirements. We are flexible to negotiate the best deal for you. 


The following options are available:

The Cellamatic GSM controller is supplied with Standard software developed by Galtotronic™. No further programming will be needed as the Cellamatic will be ready to be used as GSM Controller through SMS messages.

The Cellamatic GSM controller could be supplied with software developed by Galtotronic™ to customer requirements. No further programming will be needed .

Payment Options:

Email orders - Use the Order form to send an email to Galtotronic. Please include your name, address, email address and telephone numbers. When your order form is completed and sent, you will receive an email confirmation on the order within 48 hours and a Payment Request via the Tax Invoice. Payment must be made prior to delivery of your merchandise.

International Orders:

International orders are shipping TNT. Please include the contact person's name, complete shipping address, telephone number, and fax number.

International shipments are exclusive to customs duties, taxes, and/or importation fees, which are to be paid by the customer. We also will not make any false statements on the shipping documents regarding the package contents or its intended usage for the purpose of avoiding those fees.

Warranty Information:

All Galtotronic GSM Controllers are covered by One Year return to base warranty. Galtotronic is not liable for the GSM network carriers actions and beheaviours.

Damaged shipments:

In case of shipping damages, it is the buyer's responsibility to file a claim. You should inspect the shipment container upon receipt and note any evidence on the freight receipt. If you find concealed damage after opening the container, file a claim with the carries at once. You must retain the shipment container and all materials.


Before purchasing any GSM controller, you should first make sure that it suits your intended application. Note that our GSM controllers are NOT REAL-TIME controllers and are NOT SAFETY CRITICAL controllers. Our GSM controllers are not authorized for use as safety critical components in health and life support devices or control systems. (Life-support devices or systems are devices or systems intended for surgical implantation into body or to sustain life, and whose failure to perform,  can be reasonably expected to result in significant injury). No complex software or hardware system is perfect. Bugs are always present in a system of any size. In order to prevent danger to life or property, it is the responsibility of the system designer to incorporate redundant protective mechanisms appropriate to the risk involved.

The time taken for a SMS message to be sent by the controller can vary from anywhere between a few seconds to tens of seconds, depending on network load. This means that rapidly changing inputs will go undetected. Effectively, you will be left not knowing what the real state of the input port is, despite having received a host of state change messages. In other words, the input should only be used to sense signals that change infrequently over time. Alarm signals are a typical example, as they are expected to change only during exceptional conditions.

A second pitfall has to do with SMS costs. You must use a prepaid SIM CARD account. A malfunctioning system could cost you a fortune on an open-ended plan. In theory, if the controller were to send messages as fast as the network would allow, more than 17000 messages could be sent in one day alone. On a $10 plan, this would be a disaster. We therefore strongly recommend that a PREPAID SIM CARD be setup for the controller. This ensures that if something goes wrong, you already know how much it is going to cost you. The controller could not send any message once the prepaid account is used in full.