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Massage Chairs Repair and Service

Get your massage chair repaired by the leader in the industry

Massage Chairs are made from the finest materials and are all easy to maintain. Their rugged construction will withstand frequent use, and the internal mechanics of all our products are specifically designed to be maintenance-free.

But, in the real world, nobody is perfect. Your massage chair may require repair or service. Our customer support systems are designed to get your product up and running in the most efficient, professional manner possible. And whether that means sending a service representative to your home to service your Massage Chair, or replacing a component of your Massage Chair, you can be assured that your problem for massage chairs repair will be handled with the utmost care by a skilled  Galtotronic™ technician.

We do not provide technical information about chair repairs or how to repair your chair. We only repair and service the following massage chair brands:

Air bags, Motherboards, Motors and Spare Parts:

We hold in stock a range of spare parts to support our customer massage chair repairs and service. We have air bags, motherboards, leather, motors, sensors and fittings. We can repair your massage chair so you can enjoy relaxation and pampering.


You can contact Galtotronic's customer service department for massage chairs repair between 9:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday for any warranty or service issues.
It is required that you have your Tax invoice and you Certificate of Warranty available when you place the call to Galtotronic Customer Service.


Most of our massage chairs are modular in design.. This design permits most repairs to be performed by YOURSELF in your own home with parts and instructions supplied by Galtotronic. In addition, Galtotronic can provide a diagnostic checklist for most products that permits you to troubleshoot a product on your own. For those of you that need individual attention, the customer service department can talk you through common diagnostic issues.

While most of the massage chairs are modular in nature, some of you might not feel comfortable with performing your own diagnostics or repair. In these instances, for failures that permit field service, you may request an authorized in-home technician for a call fee of $110.00 (Including GST). Parts and Labour will not attract any Fees and Charges as the product is covered by our wholesaler supplier.

Item Charge (Ex GST)
Call Fee $100
Labour Free of Charge
Telephone Support Free of Charge

Non-warranty massage chairs repair is available at Galtotronic™. Repairing charge for parts, shipping, handling, and local tax will be charged for non-warranty repairs and support calls. Also the following fees and charges apply:

Item Charge (Ex GST)
Call Fee $80
Labour $100 per hour
Telephone Support $80 per hour