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Knox City Council manages several parks, and irrigation is included in the duties of care. These parks are located across the city council area which is very large.

It takes two working days to switch ON all irrigation systems. Also, it takes two working days to switch OFF all irrigation systems. This is the time it takes an operator to drive around the city council area to reach these irrigation systems.

Irrigation installation 1 Irrigation system 2

The biggest challenge is when the irrigation systems are ON and the rain comes. Then, citizens call the council several times complaining about water wastage, because the parks irrigation systems are operating while it is raining. From time to time this situation could be stressful as city council workers feel the pressure of water restrictions.


Knox City Council, decided to install CellamaticPLUS GSM controllers at the irrigation systems control cabinets. Therefore, through Galtotronic's GSM controllers it is possible to control remotely the irrigation systems just sending commands through SMS messages.

CellaticPLUS installation

Now, there is not need to drive around the city council area anymore and the irrigation systems could be controlled comfortably from any location.


It takes seconds for one SMS message to be delivered across the GSM network. By using the CellamaticPLUS GSM controllers the following results are achieved: