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The Challenge

Vending massage chairs are installed across the country. Many units are running far away outside the reasonable reach distance. If massage chairs are switched OFF, or the coin acceptors are blocked with paper by a kid, the financial loss could be substantial. In case of a shopping centre installation, the financial damage is double as the lost of income is added to the rent fee. To be efficient a smart vending controller is required for remote monitoring and control.

The Solution
Coin Box   O'Relax™ Vending Massage Chairs: O'Relax Vending™ is using MassageMaster™ vending controller for the vending business. Across Shopping Centres, Night Clubs, Entertainment Centres and Corporate Massage Rooms people are enjoying the benefits of massage chairs powered by Galtotronic™ vending controllers. The controller reliability handles in Real-Time two massage chairs, two seven segment LED displays, two massage counters, four coin acceptors and remote monitoring telemetry. If you would like to find out more, please contact us to get more information. (O'Relax Massage Master Application)

The Results

By using the Galtotronic vending controllers the following results are achieved: